What is Contemporary Copenhagen?

Contemporary Copenhagen is a communication agency that specialises in art and culture.
We primarily work to make contemporary art accessible to a wider public. We focus on the communication of artistic quality to a receiver, who can be both the connoisseur, the critic, the artist, the curious and the busy.
Our media are films, talks and guided tours. We work with and for cultural, artistic and commercial projects, and in everything we do, we believe in an engaged and engaging dialogue with clients, guests, artists and business partners.
Contemporary Copenhagen is also a creative agency, where we always work to develop the field of communication with in art and culture. We view the communicators of art and culture as important players on the art scene, where the task is to make contemporary art visible as living, inspiring, apprehensive, challenging and entertaining.
We work with a range of people and use our professional network on a daily basis. Our business partners are freelancers, entrepreneurs, companies and institutions. In out film production, we have an ongoing collaboration with Blikfang Film and ProCam.
Contemporary Copenhagen is directed by Pernille Skov, who with her back ground in art theory and several years work in communications, concept development and project management guarantees a continuous progress in Contemporary Copenhagen.