Contemporary Copenhagen offers tailored talks on contemporary Danish art. Our talks give you an engaged and dedicated insight into the currents and trends that define the contemporary art scene. We navigate through the vast number of Danish art and artist and pinpoint significant tendencies and central artists.

All talks can be combined with guided gallery tours, studio visits or artists talks.

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Danish art today ‚Äď and tomorrow

As the Danish art scene evolves, different modes of expression and new trends occur on the established art scene as well as in the underground art environment.

We offer a lively talk in words and images that give you an introduction to Danish contemporary art. We base our talks on a representative selection of contemporary Danish artists, whose practice deserve specific attention. Going through their artwork will give you an essential understanding of Danish art today.

Zoom in on an artist

Is there a Danish artist who has aroused your interest? Contemporary Copenhagen arranges tailored talks that give you insight into a selected artist’s work and practice.

Pick a theme

We are happy to focus our talks on specific themes that define the contemporary Danish art scene. An example is the young generation of painters, who have made a name for themselves in the recent years. Or we can discuss topics like new media art, Danish street art or how classic art is reflected in Danish contemporary art.

We are always ready to accommodate needs and suggestions and we are happy to suggest new themes.

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