Contemporary Copenhagen offers a series of prearranged tours to galleries, show rooms, museums and artist studios.

The CC Short Guide takes you to three ongoing exhibitions or events. On The CC Day Tour we extend the tour with 1-3 visits to artist studios. We are happy to combine the tours with artist talks, lectures or a stop at one of Copenhagen’s best bars or restaurants.

Upon request, Contemporary Copenhagen can focus the tours on a specific gallery area in Copenhagen. Or we can base the guide on a selected theme. This could be anything from young Danish painters over relational art to Danish photo and video art.

We are always ready to accommodate needs and suggestions.

See tour examples below.

Location: The New Carlsberg

The newest spot for contemporary art in Copenhagen is at the old Carlsberg brewery grounds. In 2009, a 2000m2 garage at Carlsberg attracted four exhibitions spaces and an art info centre. Together they have created an art hub in Copenhagen, bringing together Danish contemporary art and internationally renowned artists.

Contemporary Copenhagen guides you through the world-famed artists and the newest trends on the Danish scene. We introduce you to the art work exhibited and give you the story behind the artists, the galleries and the location.

The prestigious gallery Nikolai Wallner presents a selection of Danish artist that have established themselves as acclaimed artists in the international art world. The gallery houses artists like Jeppe Hein, Elmgreen & Dragset and Peter Land.

Right next to Nikolai Wallner is Gallery Nils Stærk that also plays a significant role on the Danish and international arts scene, housing amongst others artist Mads Gamdrup and the artist group SUPERFLEX.

IMO projects however, stands out as a new artist driven gallery, presenting the newest Danish art. Here you will find works by artist like Ferdinand Ahm Krag and the artist groups A Kasse and AVPD.

Last but not least, in BKS Garage the Royal Danish Art Academy has created an exhibition space for Copenhagen’s upcoming artists right by the established galleries.

Together with the exhibition spaces, we also find Kopenhagen Art Institute, where you can visit the bookshop with a selection of in depth literature on contemporary art.

Theme: Danish photo and video art

Danish photo and video artists proceed to make a name for themselves nationally and internationally and a growing number of Danish artists employ photographic and filmic methods in their work. Recently, Copenhagen’s status as an international city of photo art has been demonstrated with the new festival Copenhagen Photo Festival that aims to create an international platform for photo art in Denmark.

A tour with Contemporary Copenhagen will illustrate the present diversity in Danish photo and video art. We focus our attention on the newest tendencies, looking at new as well as established artist. The tours are planned according to the ongoing exhibitions and events and could, for instance, look like this:

The tour will stop at the best gallery spaces for photo and video in Copenhagen, where we will meet with gallery owners and curators for a talk on their views on video and photo art. This could for instance be Peter Lav Photo Gallery and Rohde Contemporary in the city centre or DASK Gallery in the Meatpacking District.

A prevailing tendency in Danish photo and video art is experimentation with the many possibilities that digital photography offer. This is manifested in digitally manipulated photos that disrupt and transform depicted reality. Artists such as Peter Funch, Ebbe Stub Wittrup and Nikolai Recke are fascinating examples of this. The same approach is applied in video art by Jeanette Ehlers, who uses digital images to create computer manipulated videos.

The tour also shows you evocative and stylistic photo art by acclaimed artists such as Astrid Kruse Jensen, Nikolai Howalt and Thomas Bangsted. And we will look at art works by Gitte Villesen and Eva Koch and discuss how they incorporate documentary elements in photo and video.

Finally, we will point out important contributors to Danish video art. An artist like Jesper Just has been awarded internationally for his innovation of video art with his atmospheric and theatrical films. And we will explore how Danish/Philippine artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen integrates elements from both popular music and documentary film in her captivating performance videos

Out of Town

Contemporary Copenhagen offers you a trip outside Copenhagen to art exhibitions on Zealand and the southern islands. The Danish province and countryside features new and cutting edge contemporary art. And we can take you to the places worth visiting.

A trip out of town with Contemporary Copenhagen could head down south through Zealand, past the island Møn and take a stop on either Falster or Lolland. Our first destination could be Rønnebæksholm’s Art and Culture Centre that presents new and established contemporary art in a beautiful manor house in Næstved. From there, we could move on to Askeby on Møn to the acclaimed exhibition space 44 Møn, run by the German curator and arts collector Rene Block.

The tour can also go to Fuglsang Art Museum in impressive modern architecture on Lolland. Or we can visit some of the celebrated artists who have set up studios on Møn and Lolland-Falster.

In the late summer 2010 we have the opportunity to experience the art festival TUMULT. TUMULT is a new festival for contemporary art that takes place in peripheral regions in southern Denmark.